"A smile is the shortest distance between two people" Victor Borgia

I undertake a full range of WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS - articles, columns, copy, programs, reports and more.

I offer SPEAKING SERVICES with a DIFFERENCE, (unique) insights into my range of subjects, for Groups, Clubs, Organisations, Colleges, Schools, Company and Corporate engagements.

I am a Writer, Speaker,Teacher, Trainer, Motivator and entertainer. Whether I'm working with people or animals, everything I do professionally involves effective communication. Writing, speaking, giving a demonstration, employing body language, using thought transference - there is always a message to impart

I've WRITTEN, published and can produce articles, books, copy, courses, reports, programmes, even rhymes (personalised when required) and lyrics.

I'm available for PRIVATE individual or group CONSULTATIONS on any of my specialist subjects. Many people have sought my help with problems that are acutely personal, highly sensitive and which require absolute discretion.

I offer SPEAKING SERVICES, that are very different, for Groups, Clubs, Organisations, Company and Corporate Clients. My style is sharp, witty, humorous, researched, perceptive, knowledgeable, fact and experience based, but always warm and inclusive.

I provide unusual insights into my areas of expertise. The aim may be to educate or inform. It may be to motivate, encourage, even perhaps inspire people to try something new, challenging, exciting, to move away from long held conceptual restraints and step outside "the comfort zone."

My programme "Directed Thought.....Channelled Imagination" is all about setting goals with a view to achieving step by step progress, personal development and success. I have used this discipline over and over again, with phenomenal results, for more than thirty years.

Given the many extraordinary people I have worked with and the highly unusual life I lead, I have amassed a rich source of anecdotal material - much of it very entertaining.

Communication can be overt, obvious, as startling, as shocking, as a sudden, unexpected explosion! But......it can also be just as subtle as a suggested thought. However, to be optimally effective, communication needs to be appropriate to the audience, the occasion and the subject.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

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