"Without health life is not life, it is only a state of langour - an image of death" Buddha

"When it comes to our health, Tim is a lifesaver. He is always our first call. On several occasions he has come to our rescue. He would never let you down. Just knowing Tim is around makes us FEEL SAFE!"

Vicky Giles

My knowledge and practise of "Natural Health" has transformed my life and enabled me to help others do like wise. I provide unusual insights into health modalities which can provide extraordinary benefits at any age, but particularly as we get older.

The greatest gift of all is robust good health - energy, vitality, a zest for life. Superior health is an absolute prerequisite for happiness. And the good news is most of us can do a huge amount, with relatively little effort, to improve our own health and, therefore, the quality of our lives. Positive Natural Health is always my goal. My philosophy is eclectic, widely drawn. Many of my early theories on a whole range of health related benefits and practices have been vindicated by informed research, often years - even decades, after I first proposed them.
So too have my frequent warnings on the inherent dangers posed by atmospheric and environmental pollutants, as well as by the chemical contaminants in our homes and work places. These are not confined solely to our foods, of course, but are increasingly identified in cosmetics, toiletries, furniture, fabrics, air fresheners, aerosol propellants and a plethora of cleaning materials and substances.
Of course, there's more. We encounter hundreds of different parasites which prey upon the human body. These range from microscopic invaders to monstrous tape worms, many metres long. Flukes, worms, bacteria, viruses all eagerly adopt the human host. Most people have no idea how rapidly these parasites can proliferate or the chaos and misery they can create. But parasitic infestation underlies, causes and is associated with many, often very serious, ailments and conditions. Fortunately there are foods, herbs and procedures which can eradicate many of these unwelcome guests within each cycle of their development.
Many years before I became older I was fascinated by the factors that contribute to a long and vigorously healthy life. Genetic and environmental considerations are difficult, of course, to ignore. Will Rogers once famously quipped, "you know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks." It's obviously worthwhile to do everything we can to keep those eventualities at bay, for as long as possible! If you study the longest lived cultures in the World, you will find, not surprisingly, these are people who live simply, frugally, close to and in harmony with Nature. They take a great deal of physical activity in their everyday lives; eat natural, undenurtured food with an emphasis on vegetables, fruits, unrefined cereals and grains. They get plenty of sleep, know how to relax and they avoid the multiple stresses that we are relentlessly subjected to in our materialistic, advanced (?) western societies. It has been suggested by medical authorities that 80% of the illnesses we suffer are stress related!?! So it would probably be unwise of us to cynically dismiss the value of the contemplative, meditative and/or spiritual component these people invariably make part of their daily lives. If we value our health we can learn a lot from, even, a rudimentary study of these simple, uncomplicated lifestyles. As Abraham Lincoln observed, "In the end it's not the years in your life that counts. It's the life in your years."
There are all sorts of measures, approaches, practices and procedures employed by Positive Natural Health that can help improve the quality of our lives immeasurably. Some of these can be used, for instance, to alleviate/eliminate allergies, asthma/respiratory disorders, weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, circulatory problems and so on. It is often simple to rebuild and restore glowing health, even after very serious problems. Simple, but not necessarily easy. Such restoration always takes time, but it takes application and self-discipline particularly.
"Your body is the vehicle in which you travel through life." I can help to make that journey as pleasant, as rewarding as possible. Greater attention to some of these important considerations could improve the quality of your life to a significant, even to a transformational, degree.

  • NUTRITION - How to eat. What and when to eat and drink. What to AVOID. Food Combining. Raw Foods. Juices. Super Foods. Supplements etc etc. There is an old saying, "we are what we eat." That is simplistic because it ignores digestion, absorption, assimilation, but it is nevertheless pertinent. Hippocrates said, perhaps more tellingly, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”
  • EXERCISE - Aerobic. Anaerobic. Mobility/Flexibility. Strength Training. Speed Training. Balance. Coordination and so on. We need regular challenging activity to lead a healthy life. There is a German proverb that states succinctly, "if I rest, I rust.”
  • SLEEP. REST. RELAXATION. RECUPERATION. These elements are often neglected in our society today to the great detriment of our health. An anonymous quotation tells us, "sleep is better than medicine."
  • Breathing Practices - Stress Control
  • Meditation - Stress Relief
  • Interests - Hobbies - Work/Life Balance
  • Laughter - Humour - Fun
  • Sunlight - Full Spectrum Light - Colour
  • Sounds - Music - Singing
  • Cold - Heat - Air Baths
  • Closeness to the World of Nature - Animals/Pets - Plants in the Home/Workplace

  • Here are a few slightly more esoteric, but extraordinarily effective Positive Natural Health Modalities

  • FASTING - the best way to allow the body to engage its amazing powers of Self-Healing.
  • HERBAL COLON CLEANSE - not some frivolous "celebrity" nonsense, but a serious, hugely beneficial health programme.
  • GALL BLADDER AND LIVER CLEANSE - my Number One Health Modality. Eliminate Gall Stones (yes, you have got them—hundreds of them!) This procedure can be preceded by a Parasite Cleanse and a Kidney Cleanse. Incredible Benefits!


We need to take full responsibility for every controllable aspect of our lives. Health is a vital area.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear" Buddha

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