" We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals" Immanuel Kant

"The horse is God's gift to mankind" Arabian Proverb

"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem.
They provide peace and tranquillity to troubled souls, they give us hope!"
Toni Robinson

Does your horse have a problem (with you?) Inattention? Respect Issues? Non-compliance? Unpredictability? Loading? etc? etc? I get astonishing results with horses without fear, force or intimidation. Let me teach you how.

The horse, epitome of a free spirit, is a most beautiful creature. Elegant in repose, graceful in motion, it is often electrifying at "take off" and spectacular at speed - harmonising balance, cadence, power and symmetry. It is no wonder so many of us are besotted with horses and yet, too often owners/riders are scared witless by mounts which show them no respect or compliance and over which they have no meaningful control. There is no pleasure, no fun, in that situation, but it is not altogether surprising.




Horses are complex, highly sensitive creatures, They are large, spontaneous, swift, herd-dependent, flightorientated prey animals. They survive by REACTING, they DO NOT REASON. Horses have an irrepressible instinct for self-preservation, often driven by panic. Half a ton of irrational animal going from anxiety at 0 miles an hour to a flat out, chaotic 30 miles an hour within 3 seconds can be anything from mildly disconcerting to absolutely terrifying.
The horse's overwhelming, exclusive priority is SAFETY. And that too should be our number one consideration when we are around, with or on horses. Anything we can do to make the horse calmer, more relaxed and reduce the horse's unpredictability, while making the horse more responsive to our guidance, will lead to greater safety within the partnership we are working to develop. Respect and trust will build confidence and enhance safety. We must work continuously for compliance and control.
It is vitally important that to be most effective with horses we learn to "read them", at least at a basic level, and, particularly, to COMMUNICATE with them in a WAY THEY UNDERSTAND. If the horse does not give you the response you are seeking, DON'T BLAME THE HORSE! In all likelihood you are failing to express yourself in a way the horse can understand. Get it right and YOU CAN DO ASTONISHING THINGS WITH HORSES. To train a horse effectively you must be absolutely clear in your direction. Horses are very black or white in their thinking. You must also be totally CONSISTENT on a day to day basis. "The fastest way to train a horse is slowly". Just take the time it takes and keep going back to basics to reinforce the lessons you have put in place. Always do your very best to end each training session on a positive note. And remember that WHENEVER you are with your horse you are training that horse either INTENTIONALLY or UNKNOWINGLY! Sadly many people are teaching the horse unwittingly. This is highly significant to the horse because it means that the horse is in control and the horse is doing the training. I specialise in GROUNDWORK SKILLS that are COMPATIBLE with ALL DISCIPLINES. These skills will build respect, trust, develop compliance and help to both deflight and desensitise your horse, thus giving you the keys to greater safety with horses.
I can help you improve the way you interact with your horse to resolve attitudinal and behavioural problems.

  • Get your horse's ATTENTION
  • earn your horse's RESPECT
  • Develop COMPLIANCE/willing responsiveness
  • Establish LEADERSHIP within the PARTNERSHIP
  • EXTEND your horse's COMFORT ZONE
  • Enjoy CONTROL of your horse and SAFETY


I also provide ADVANCED HORSE HANDLING, ROUND PEN TRAINING and EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY for groups or individuals. And my horses have been used for film, photographic and, even, "glamour" shoots!

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