"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles the world" Albert Einstein

I'm an original thinker - creative, innovative and, being inventive, have held patents. I've designed exercise machines with very specific applications. Many of my early theories on health and fitness related matters have been vindicated by informed research, up to 30 years after I proposed them - and counting!

I am an original thinker. My philosophy is eclectic and widely drawn. My early theories on, for instance, health, fitness, training, nutrition, weight control, the extraordinary power of the mind, meditation, the importance of laughter, humour, colour, light, sound, music, hobbies, sleep, rest and relaxation and the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and chemical pollutants in the home, atmosphere and the environment have been subsequently vindicated by informed research, years and decades after I proposed them.

My BACK EXTENSION MACHINE (see front cover) is central to the work I undertake involving the rehabilitation of the (low) back. Its use strengthens the vital erector muscles on each side of the spine without placing any compressive loading, or axial stresses, on the vetebrae or intervertebral discs, even when very substantial resistance is used. The Back Extension Machine can also be used to stretch and mobilise the spine.


"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what
nobody has thought" Albert Gyorgyi


I created my DORSAL-FLEXION MACHINE to resolve the widespread problem of "shin splints" experienced by athletes putting in high training mileage week in week out. The condition of "shin splints" is brought about by a severe imbalance between the much stronger plantar flexors of the lower leg (gastrocnemius & soleus) set against the comparative weakness of the dorsal flexors - notably the anterior tibialis. This machine is also extremely effective for mobilising and strengthening the ankle joint with its associated muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The AXIMAX CONDITIONING MACHINE (see photo page 5, lower left) is my most far-reaching, versatile invention. It can be used to mobilise joints, to work all of the muscles normally affected by exercise, to perform gentle rehabilitative movements, for steady aerobic sessions or for brutally demanding anaerobic circuits! It has been designed to take a wheelchair and is a superb rehabilitation machine. It is a stable, selfsupporting, free standing, safe friction device. It offers support while providing resistance. The AXIMAX will coerce the inexperienced, the unfit and it will defy the fit, the strong and the combative!

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve,
not by the desire to beat others" Ayn Rand

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