"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn" John Cotton Dana

"If you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others" Tryon Edwards

At 23 I qualified as a teacher, with First Class Honours in Physical Education, from Loughborough and that was really the START of my CONTINUING EDUCATION. I then lectured at Guildford College for 9 years before setting up my own independent Consultancy. I have worked with, advised, taught, trained, mentored, coached, motivated, inspired and prescribed for thousands of people, from the very young to the positively venerable, from the robust to the severely disabled, the injured, the wounded, including those needing directed support where psychological issues were a consideration.

During an extremely privileged and fulfilled life I have worked with thousands of people from many countries, with very different backgrounds and occupations, whose ages range from pre-teen to mid nineties! For instance, within the same year I have consulted for both the Test and County Cricket Board and the Pakistan Cricket Board, for whom I "repaired" and returned fast bowlers Aqib Javed and Waqar Younis to Test Cricket following stress fractures of the spine.

My acquired skills have enabled me to help ordinary people and sporting stars, of course, but more particularly, those courageous, severely disabled people with high levels of physical impairment - the injured, the wounded. To me they are heroes, each and every one.

I've provided training programmes for blind people. I worked very closely for six richly rewarding years, with two young men seriously afflicted with Down's Syndrome, neither of whom could speak. I've helped deprived and disadvantaged young people, both in England and abroad. I've been instrumental in improving the "self image" and, therefore, the lives of many who have fallen victim to bullying. I've used my horses to provide the calming, restoring effects of Equine Assisted Therapy for the benefit of the abused, the confused and the delinquent.

I've been involved with, amongst others, the robust, the unfit, the healthy, the unwell, the overweight, the underweight, the (heavily) pregnant, hypochondriacs, those in denial, the insecure, the offended against, the offenders, many people who have demonstrated quite extraordinary fortitude in the face of terrible injuries and disability. To be able to help to change someone's life is truly humbling.

I have advised, taught, trained, guided, coached, mentored, motivated, inspired, and prescribed for clients. I DO NOT give up on people, animals or projects. I deliver what I say I will, when I say I will and, once committed I am available. It is what I do, because I care.

At 23 I was appointed directly from Loughborough to the lecturing post in charge of Physical Education and Sport at Guildford Technical College in Surrey. Here I enjoyed an outstandingly successful 9 years, both in terms of student participation and sporting results. My men’s Athletics teams were never beaten.

I established my fitness consultancy 35 years ago and was offering personal training even then. I built up a superbly equipped fitness and rehabilitation centre, The Health Habit in Hindhead, incorporating equipment from 65 different manufacturers world wide, in 9 workout areas, covering 4,500 square feet.

I resurrected Haslemere Border Athletic Club, introduced women to the membership and pursued a vigorous youth policy. A small, enthusiastic squad of less than 20 youngsters set an extraordinary record of achievement over just 5 years.

I produced from scratch:-

  • 2 Full Internationals
  • 1 Schools International
  • U.K. All time best for Intermediate Ladies 4 x 800m Relay.
  • U.K. All time best for Intermediate Ladies 3 x 800m Relay.
  • A Southern Counties Road Running Championship Winning Squad.
  • Southern Counties Champions.
  • Well over 50 County titles.
  • Dozens of National Ranking Standards - 22 from 8 youngsters in one year alone.

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