“Not for nothing is Tim known in the Horse Whispering world as “The Guru”. As a Horseman of many years standing, and brought up by an old Victorian Grand Father - a magician with horses himself - the mantra of “Lead, Guide and Advise” was instilled into me when dealing with “difficult” horses, topped with the epithet “gently, Gently”. Tim goes much further than that. Over the years I have watched him develop his skills. He studies the animal in depth. He gets in to their body and soul. He gains their trust before even attempting to establish the nature of the animal’s problem, whether it be bad handling initially, fear, pain or any other of the many reasons why the horse may have become difficult. He gains their trust and, in a remarkably short time, the animal is ready to do his bidding - and it works. It is a privilege to experience Tim’s skills and there are now many more horses, owners and riders who are at peace as the result of his efforts. Highly commended. Well done Tim.”

Rex Whitehead

“We have watched him work with his two horses, what he does with them is stunning, total control gained with patient gentle kind understanding.”

Jan Attew

“I have seen Tim working with his horses, dogs and both in combination, on several occasions and am so impressed by his communication skills and the bond he is able to form with all animals. This is an example of ethical ‘training’ at its best, a true partnership and I would recommend all animal owners to see Tim in action and to learn from his methods.”

Catherine Edwards, Animal Iridologist, Zoopharmacognosist and Animal Communicator

“Tim has a reputation of eccentricity and expertise when it comes to handling difficult horses. Tim understands his candidates unnervingly within a few moments of meeting and works with quiet psychological determination to iron out any difficulties the rider/horse is experiencing. Both horse and rider are captured by Tim as the process begins. Tim’s aim is to present a horse avoiding psychological stress, allowing the horse to determine a calm and settled well being. I suppose it could be said he is in the circle of Horse Whisperers’.
On a more personal note Tim helped me overcome nervousness when riding a new horse that I was unable to stop once in full flight. Not only did he give me the confidence to apply the brakes but also helped me communicate to the horse that I was the one in control! I was surprised at the response from the horse when asking it to stop and I think possibly the horse was surprised too!”

Chris Cook

Dear Tim,
Just a note to record my thanks for the time spent with you and your horses recently. Your explanation and demonstration of your kind, non-confrontational approach to working with horses using the principle of ‘pressure and release’ were enlightening, and it was a joy to watch the calm and attentive way both horses interacted with you. I shan’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone experiencing behavioural problems with his or her horse, or wanting help with starting or training horses. Spot and Cherry are shining examples of happy, well-mannered horses who are a pleasure to be around!

Joanna O’Neill

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