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Dear Tim,
I watched your two new clips (Youtube), WOW so good! I have posted them on facebook, and a few people have made a comment! Please sign up and take a look! Well done, you are a STAR!

Ruth Bond

The Rotties and the Fox, YouTube video clip
Hello Tim, I have looked at the clip on YouTube and it’s fantastic, you must have the patience of a saint!


Horses and Dogs Road discipline, YouTube video clip
Impressive. We need more people to see this stuff!

Traffic at the Ford - horses and dogs, YouTube video clip
Tim, this has to be the best ever video, however each one I see I say the same, you are so amazing, this must go on facebook now, share it with thousands of other people.

The Rotties and the Fox, YouTube video clip
Tim, you are such a great trainer, this I have posted on facebook so others can see it.

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