“I have seen Tim working with his horses, dogs and both in combination, on several occasions and am so impressed by his communication skills and the bond he is able to form with all animals. This is an example of ethical ‘training’ at its best, a true partnership and I would recommend all animal owners to see Tim in action and to learn from his methods.”

Catherine Edwards, Animal Iridologist, Zoopharmacognosist and Animal Communicator

I am constantly surprised at the talents Tim has to offer which he has demonstrated in the training of his horses and his dogs. I have 3 dogs, 2 collies and a rotweiller collie cross. I race my dogs in Flyball which is the sport I use to keep them stimulated and I have trained in agility and obedience, I am very aware of how difficult it is to bond with and train a rescue dog as both my Collies come from difficult backgrounds and have some very undesirable traits which we may never fix but we are working on them and Tim has always been very supportive and helpful in what we do and I have taken advice and inspiration from our chats together. I have met his dogs and cannot compliment him highly enough on, his achievements with them. The things he is able to now do with them is a testimonial in itself to his talents as a trainer, his beliefs in treating the whole being not just the behaviour.

Jo Edser

“Extremely impressive, how did you achieve that? Was it just plenty of time and reward or what? Do you spend all day training these animals? I couldn’t agree more about the ‘joy’ that is animals.”


When I saw Tim for the first time, he was walking with his two magnificent Rotties, my immediate thoughts were “a man who is at one with his dogs and instinctively understands their needs.” An impressive calm and gentle approach to training, reciprocated by the bond and obvious trust they have in him.

Linda Connor, Dog Rescue

The Hard work is down to you At a time when I had a very young English Setter puppy I happened to meet Tim in a restaurant. He kept me sane when all else was failing, he gave me so much good advice and made me believe that things could and would get better. My dog is now 15 months old and although fully grown and much improved, I have to remember that she is still only a puppy at heart and in that ‘puppy heart’ she wants to please me. Tim is very knowledgeable about animal behaviour and has taught me to think more like an animal and less like a human - animals don’t think in English!! or any other language for that matter. He is always willing and keen to give helpful advice.

Hazel Jones - Grayshott

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