The testimonials that follow demonstrate the amazing results people, with all sorts of different requirements, can get when they employ these practices to control and direct their thoughts, to instruct their "subconscious minds." I am particularly honoured that Andrew Hillier was kind enough to provide the first contribution. This young man was irreparably injured in a military accident in Belfast when he was, at 19 years of age, confined to a wheelchair for life. In a small way I was able to help Andrew move forward, but I say in all humility that working with Andrew gave me more than I could ever offer him. His courage has been, and will ever be, an inspiration to me. Deepest Respect.

“I was seriously injured whilst serving with the Royal Air Force Regiment in Northern Ireland in November 1988. As a result of my injuries I am confined to a wheelchair. I remained in hospital in Northern Ireland until January 1989 and then spent nine months at the spinal unit at Odstock Hospital, Salisbury. I was discharged from hospital in September 1989. I heard of Tim Laskey’s reputation for helping many sports people recover from injuries so I telephoned him and asked if he thought he would help me regain some of the upper body strength I had prior to being injured. Tim was enthusiastic about helping me. I went along to see him in August 1989 and it soon became obvious that, not only could Tim help me, but that he was going to prove to be a very hard taskmaster! He was not going to take no for an answer if I decided that certain aspects of what he expected of me were too torturous - thus resulting, occasionally, in very colourful language from both of us! At times these tense situations were difficult for both of us, but with Tim’s determination and encouragement I soon realised I could achieve much more than I thought possible”.

Andrew Hillier

“In November 1988 our elder son, Andrew was seriously injured whilst serving with the Royal Air Force Regiment in Northern Ireland. His injuries left him paralysed and confined to a wheelchair - he was almost 20 years old at the time. Andrew was hospitalised until September 1989 and hoped, because of Tim’s reputation for rehabilitation with those injured, plus his work with athletes from all sports, he would be able to help him improve physically. Andrew saw Tim on a weekly basis and gradually the confidence that Andrew had so obviously lost as a result of his injuries was beginning to return. Tim wasn’t particularly easy on Andrew, but it was Tim’s persistence with Andrew, working with him to achieve goal after goal that helped Andrew regain his confidence and, of course, he became stronger, both physically and mentally. The tragedy of Andrew’s injuries will never fade. However, Tim, in making Andrew work so hard during their sessions together and achieving so much, made Andrew realise that Tim had a big impact on his life post injury”.

Peter & Christine Hillier

“I have known Tim Laskey for 15 years, and without a doubt he has a unique spread of skills. Erudite, charming and witty, with a hint of mischievousness in his twinkling eyes. He has a complete understanding of the bodynamics of the human body, and a rare ability to communicate with animals, both wild and domesticated. In short, a true Renaissance Man”.

Michael Sandberg

Tim Laskey “The Guru”
Tim Laskey has the ultimate attitude. I am firm believer that with attitude you can achieve anything. Attitude is the journey, it is the length of the stride that we take to get our goal! Bad attitude equals short stride length. It goes without saying you will be propelled towards the finish line so much faster if you take long strides. Tim Laskey has the stride length of Usain Bolt!
Let me give you some real examples of how training with “The Guru” has helped me change my life! Well the truth is that as important as my physical fitness was during my career, it was my attitude and mental application that enabled me to reach my goals. I was at best of average ability when it comes to the sport of cricket, I have no shame in admitting that! But I stand here today a retired man knowing I got every ounce of my ability out to enable me to captain my country. Why do I refer to Tim Laskey I hear you saying?
Rewind to 1990, I was lean, enthusiastic, yet wild young 18 year old who thought he knew everything & was quite happy to tell anyone who would listen about it. “The Guru” was & still is confident, fair, honest, hard working, loyal & crazy all qualities that I admired, yet he wasn’t a bore! Most people with these qualities spend most of their time trying to tell you how good they are! Not “The Guru” he changes attitudes by example, by inviting you to see a lighter road to walk on. I am embarrassed to say that before I met Tim I often walked down a dark road, a road I wouldn’t want my children to walk down. He showed me there was a better way and that I could achieve whatever I so desired by putting myself in uncomfortable scenarios, like for example doing dozens of sprints up his famous sand dunes on xmas day (in ice may I add). This is all well and good and prepared me physically more than adequately for the game of cricket. However as I have said before it was the other mental strengths I gained by being in “The Gurus” company that I took with me for life, yes folks fitness comes and goes, but mental toughness remains. Tim won’t be entirely aware of this, but I imparted many of his philosophies upon the Surrey Cricket team throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Thankfully it wasn’t just myself that he trained from the Surrey side, he also trained Messrs, Bicknell, Butcher, Ward , Murphy, Thorpe etc etc so this made the introduction into the changing room a bit easier. The ethos of the training was to take yourself out of your comfort zone to take you to another place mentally that your opponents weren’t prepared to go. This in turn gave us a psychological edge in every situation. When running the sand dunes on xmas day we were asked “What are our opponents doing today?” The answer was probably scoffing on wine and tucking into some turkey. All very nice, but ’there comes no success without struggle’. If you want to be 2nd then go and see someone else I suggest. If you are prepared to sacrifice to reach your goals then you need to see this man, he will take you to the top!
Often whilst fielding when we were getting flogged, one of the Surrey boys would shout out, come on, remember this particular situation (when we had endured hardship whilst training) and it would make what we were doing seem so easy that we would find another gear!
Coming back to the Guru, his ethos is still with me today. A few years back I completed a journey from Edinburgh to Tangiers (in North Africa) during this walk there were days where I was reduced to tears such was the pain in my knees. However it didn’t strike me until afterwards that despite this pain I never even considered quitting, I realised then that it had become a habit, a part of of my sub conscious, real mental toughness, not telling myself to push through the pain, but just doing it without really understanding why. This was gained by spending years with the Guru, I didn’t really appreciate it until later in life. Like a child who can’t understand why he is being disciplined, and the parent saying one day you will thank me. Tim is a hard task master, yet has the unique knack of being able to make you do what it is that he asks you to do despite you thinking it is impossible. After spending time with him, your toughest challenges will become easier no matter what they are. If you want to play for your country, your club or learn to walk again after an accident, the lesson is the same, and the teacher is the key. Tim, thanks for the best start in life that a man could ask for, and thanks for the wonderful memories. It has been a wonderful journey and we are only just starting out. On behalf of the Surrey team of the 90’s and 2000’s we thank you for imparting your ethos on us and enabling us to reach our goals. Take care and look forward to running those sand dunes again when I am next back in the UK, this time though can we not do it on xmas day!


Adam Hollioake, Captain Surrey C.C.C., Captain England ODI

“Tim Laskey gave me inspiration and encouragement when I needed it most”

David Wheatley, car crash victim

“Tim Laskey...Well, where can one start? The Master! First of all I have known Tim for over thirty years. He, without a doubt, is a truly remarkable man. Tim’s skills, his exploits, his experiences are inspirational, awe inspiring and so unique. Tim is also a great friend to whom I have turned at those critical personal times in life. He has always listened with concern and understanding, offering brilliant advice and support. Tim is not only cerebral, intuitive, insightful, but pragmatic, philosophical, gifted with common sense and is also fully grounded in today’s world. His relentless self-discipline and dedication, day in day out for years on end, is almost beyond belief. Tim has no peers in the collective fields in which he operates. Very occasionally a person comes along who rightfully merits all the accolades and recognition. Such a man is The Master - Tim Laskey.

Colin Hanson, Former Wasps Rugby Football Club Player

“In 2008 1 was asked by my employer to give evidence at the High Court. I agreed to do it because I felt obliged in the circumstances, but knew it would be an ordeal for me. I am shy by nature and far from confident at speaking in front of groups of people, so the thought of being a witness in the highest court in the land filled me with dread. I had known Tim for a number of years and if anyone was going to be able to help and support me through this, it would be Tim. Once he takes on a "project" he is one hundred percent committed to it and never gives up until he has seen it through to the bitter end - a bit like a dog with a bone! I knew Tim would have the patience to deal not only with my insecurities, but with the twists and turns that the case might take. We gathered together all the relevant information so we had all the facts to hand. With Tim's help I worked on a strategy to deal with aggressive questioning from the barrister. I knew that everything I had written in my statement was true and correct, but was unsure of how I would present these facts when questioned in court. Tim encouraged me to use affirmation and visualisation. I did mental rehearsals to prepare myself several weeks beforehand. As the day drew closer we also did several mock-rehearsals - Tim questioning me as the barrister and I responding as the witness. We covered the worst case scenarios. On the day of the court case, I anticipated being called early in the morning. As it turned out I was not required until the afternoon, by which time I was extremely nervous. The court adjourned for lunch at 12.30 and our legal team took us to the cafe. At this stage I became more and more apprehensive and felt I had to try and get hold of Tim. I telephoned him and he was there to answer my call. He helped calm me down, re-directed my thinking and I went back to the courtroom feeling prepared for the ordeal to come. When I was finally called to the stand, I employed all the coping strategies we had discussed, I was not remotely overawed by the barrister, in fact I confounded a personal line of questioning she was pursuing. I felt I gave my evidence well and confidently and indeed I was commended by the judge himself in his summing up report. Without Tim's help I certainly would not have coped with the events in the court room as I did. In the longer term, the experience changed my life in terms of my self confidence.”

Charlotte Raymond

“Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. Meeting with you was a life changing experience because I now believe that all my goals are achievable. I feel refocused and confident because of your guidance. I am beginning to believe that I can accomplish my goal sooner. Also, I think about and recite my goals when I wake up, during the day, and before I go to sleep. Once again thank you for helping me and it was a great blessing to meet you because it’s rare to meet someone that will willingly help you achieve your goals and most times that’s the difference between success and failure.”

Kyel Governor, Footballer, Toronto, Canada

“I was in a Terribly bad shape physically and - to a certain extent - mentally. Particularly I had many back problems. My physiotherapist told me that the only solution to my physical problems was Tim Laskey. Tim turned out to be my saviour. Tim had the knowledge. He knew how to inspire you to keep going. Through an outstanding intelligence and an outstanding sense of humour he made me persevere.”

Claes Moth, Denmark

“Dear Tim, I would like to thank you for the help and advice you have given me over the past four years. Due to my travelling and irregular visits to the UK, I am always delighted at being able to visit you at short notice, regardless of time and day, and seek your advice on specific weight training; pentathlon injuries, cure and prevention; and positive mental training. It is in this latter field that I feel I have gained most from you. I have been able to develop my positive attitude and discipline in training, and our sessions together have enabled me to use affirmations and mental rehearsal for real benefit in my training and competitions.”

M. J. Mumford, Member British Modern Pentathlon Team, Olympic Squad

Taken from Life in the Non-Pro Lane (AQHA UK Journal, Autumn Issue 2006) “It is not often that I take on the likes of Tim McQuay, Dell Hendricks and Duane Latimer (from here on referred to as ‘the Trainers’!), in front of 6,000 people, in a major competition. That is what happened a few weeks ago at the 2006 World Equestrian 8 Games. The Trainers talked to their Chef D’Equipe who told them what scores would be required. I rang Tim Laskey, who told me to calm down and talked me out of being sick! I was in the finals at the World Equestrian Games and THAT might not ever happen again, and actually I was THRILLED. To finish 11th was amazing and although I would like to have been in the top ten, I was proud on behalf of all the other Non Pros world wide, just to be in the final. As Tim Laskey told me, have a dream, believe it, pursue it and it will happen, whatever hurdles have to be overcome. I would like to thank Tim Laskey of the Health Habit, (also a Quarter Horse owner and AQHA. UK member of long standing). Tim, without a doubt improved my performance both before and during the competition. We train ourselves physically, train our horses but forget to train our minds. This is one of the most important factors, if not the most important factor, especially if you get stage fright as badly as I do. One hour before I competed I rang Tim in a complete state of panic. He made me sit down, take a deep breath and run through the system that he has for making people succeed. I calmed down, focused, took control and beat my own personal demon of terrible nerves. Thank you Tim”.

Francesca Sternberg

“This time last year I didn’t know which direction I was going in. Through you I seem to be taking on all sorts of ventures and I am very grateful to you”.


“Things were pretty bleak, and I was sliding into depression, I just couldn’t see how I was going to get rid of the pain, and during all my visits to specialists and doctors not one of them had been positive. Tim was the first person that I had met who was positive that he could help me, and I left there feeling that perhaps there was an alternative to surgery. After a few weeks on Tim’s exercise programme I started to feel both better physically and mentally, with his constant encouragement, support and guidance. It’s hard now to think back to those bleak days when every day was a struggle, and without Tim I know that I would have never recovered to be able to enjoy life as I do today. Tim is inspirational, motivational and probably one of the craziest blokes you will ever meet, but I’m so pleased that I did”.

Graham Robertson

“In a very short time all the players responded positively and a huge improvement was clear to see, not only in the physical condition but also the mental approach of the team was unrecognisable from that when Tim just began working with them. I can honestly say that I have never known anyone to be better than Tim Laskey in the field of sports science. His tremendous enthusiasm has an immediate positive effect on all who come in contact with him and his results speak wonders”.

Micky Stewart, Former Surrey C.C.C and England Manager

“Your confidence gave me the determination to work hard and aim high, and because you believed in my potential, I began to believe in myself as a squash player. And again, thank you is inadequate for the help and expertise you provided.”

Felicity Hargreaves, English Squash International

Dear Mr. Laskey, We are writing to you to inform you of the results from our previous track meet. With the encouraging conference we had, the technique and strategy which you shared with us was very much an eye opening. It was quite an experience in which we gained knowledge that gave us the confidence we needed. Tobago Zonal Secondary School Sports (Intercol) was the track meet in which we took advantage of other competitors and rivals. We qualified to compete in the National Secondary School Track Meet (Intercol). We thank you for your time spent with us, and we are extremely grateful for all that you passed on to us upcoming star athletes. We thank you; from all the athletes, Anike, Shianne, Shance, Akeem, Kershawn and Stephon and from our dear coach Mr. Collin Mark.

Tobago School Athletes

“Week after week Tim improved my levels of fitness, reduced my weight and grew my already positive attitude to life. As a joker myself every session without exception has been great fun and massively beneficial as Tim loves to laugh too. I am sure this is part of the Laskey ‘therapy’. I have never felt fitter or more motivated to conquer the challenges of life. To sum up, Tim has had a positive life changing effect on me and my family. He is not only a top pro but a dear friend. Anyone who could become his client should jump at the chance. In my experience he is such a rare breed. I would say he is a one off.

Keith Sheppard

“Never mind, we have found you now and the improvement has been amazing, every single session has made a difference. It is not only helping her physically but mentally as well, it has given her hope. She always comes home with a smile on her face. Thank you.”

Jan Attew

Dear Tim, Just a short note to say thanks very much for all your help, it was sensational. The extra physical strength was a great help, but the mental toughness was an even greater factor in a season that was my hardest to date. Tim, thanks again With the greatest of respect Butch

Mark Butcher, Captain Surrey C.C.C. and Captain England

Dear Tim, Just wanted to thank you very much for all your help and support over the past few months - not only the physiotherapy but the mental and emotional therapy as well. I really appreciate it, and would never have made it this far without it.


At a Question and Answer Session on 24th March 1999 Graham Thorpe (Surrey CCC and England) was asked....... "Have you had a mentor as such?" to which he replied, "I've been under Dr. Philip Bell who has overseen things for the ECB, and a guy called Tim Laskey, who I've trained with for years and has been an inspiration. We work on the mental side and build up the body strength in isolated, invigorating conditions in Grayshott."

Having known and worked with Tim over the last 24 years, I feel I am in quite a good place to pass judgement on one of the most extraordinary men you will ever likely meet. What I didn’t bank on was meeting a guy who would change my life and approach to professional sport. Tim got under my skin, instilling in me the work ethic that changed me and made me a successful cricketer, working on my character, testing me in extreme situations, pushing my limits and at all times believing in me, believing I had what it took to perform at the highest level. Every session we did I was greeted at the door like a long lost brother, the most enthusiastic person I have ever met. There is no doubt in my mind that Tim helped form my character, the work ethic that I still have today came from those early training sessions and I will never forget the punishing sand hill sessions that Time still thrives on today. And it’s not just me, ask any of the top class sportsmen Tim has trained over the years, we will all say exactly the same thing, he might be a little crazy but boy does he know his stuff.


Martin Bicknell, Surrey C.C.C. and England

Taken from “BICKERS” The Autobiography of Martin Bicknell So, it was back to Tim Laskey and the dreaded sand hills. This time it was different though. I had a desire to succeed and Tim was the ideal man to help me. We did quite a bit of work that winter on building up my confidence, how to cope with pressure situations and just basically toughening up. We sat in his kitchen for hours and I poured out all my feelings about cricket. I had no real confidence with the new ball in my hand. It should be the best time to bowl but I approached it with fear. I would much rather bowl with an older ball when the pressure was off a bit. With the new ball I felt an expectation to succeed, and that continually got the better of me. That winter we developed a strategy for dealing with pressure situations. If ever I was feeling really nervous I could take out the piece of paper we worked on, reinforce the positive and take away the negative feelings. IT WOULD STAND ME IN GOOD STEAD FOR THE REST OF MY CAREER.

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