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In November 1988 our elder son, was seriously injured whilst serving with the Royal Air Force Regiment in Northern Ireland.
His injuries left him paralysed and confined to a wheelchair – he was almost 20 years old at the time. Andrew was hospitalised until September 1989 and in October 1989 went to see Tim Laskey. Andrew hoped, because of Tim’s reputation for rehabilitation with those injured, plus his work with athletes from all sports, he would be able to help him improve physically. Andrew saw Tim on a weekly basis and gradually the confidence that Andrew had so obviously lost as a result of his injuries was beginning to return. Tim wasn’t particularly easy on Andrew – in fact Andrew described him as “cruel” at times, but it was Tim’s persistence with Andrew, working with him to achieve goal after goal that helped Andrew regain his confidence and, of course, he became stronger, both physically and mentally. These weekly sessions were to last for around 14 years.
Tim and Andrew, over time, developed a great respect and liking for each other and their time together in the gym where hard work was the norm was combined with humour and laughter, together with the mutual enjoyment at the progress Andrew was making. The tragedy of Andrew’s injuries will never fade. However, Tim, in making Andrew work so hard during their sessions together and achieving so much, made Andrew realise that Tim had a big impact on his life post injury

Peter & Christine Hillier

I was seriously injured whilst serving with the Royal Air Force Regiment in Northern Ireland in November 1988. As a result of my injuries I am confined to a wheelchair. I remained in hospital in Northern Ireland until January 1989 and then spent nine months at the spinal unit at Odstock Hospital, Salisbury. I was discharged from hospital in September 1989. I had heard of Tim Laskey’s reputation for helping many sports people recover from injuries so I telephoned him and asked if he thought he could help me regain some of the upper body strength I had prior to being injured. Tim was enthusiastic about helping me. I went along to see him in August 1989 and it soon became obvious that, not only could Tim help me, but that he was going to prove to be a very hard task-master! – he was not going to take no for an answer if I decided that certain aspects of what he expected of me were too torturous – thus resulting, occasionally, in very colourful language from both of us! At times these tense situations were difficult for both of us, but with Tim’s determination and encouragement I soon realised I could achieve much more than I thought possible. I have great admiration regarding the work Tim has done with those injured, visiting rehabilitation centres – in particular Odstock Hospital and Headley Court. Tim made a great contribution to my rehabilitation and I have the utmost respect for him and will always hold him in high regard. I won’t forget our weekly get-togethers – lasting around fourteen years – and I rather suspect Tim won’t either!

Andrew Hillier

Dear Tim I really must let you know how grateful we are for all you have done and are still doing for Cindy, to further her recovery from the severe injuries caused by the terrible car accident. The RAF rehabilitation helped in the early days after leaving hospital but when they gave up we were unsure what to do next so Cindy went locally for regular physiotherapy which helped her cope with problems as they occurred, - the different aches & pains while learning to walk again without sticks, but I feel if we had known about you last spring the benefits would have been greater. Never mind we have found you now and the improvement has been amazing, every single session has made a difference. It is not only helping her physically but mentally as well, it has given her hope. She always comes home with a smile on her face. Thank you

Kind Regards

Jan Attew, Haslemere

We first met Tim over twenty years ago, when our daughter had been badly injured in a serious car accident. After five months in hospital, six weeks at Headley Court and then weeks with a local Physiotherapist who recommended that we take our daughter to see Tim to rebuild her muscles and stretch all the injured areas. He was marvellous not only working on her body but so full of positive encouragement, all contained in a fun atmosphere. Some years later after suffering from weakness in one of my legs I went to see Tim. After a number of sessions the problem improved and my husband was so impressed he decided to join me, he was already quite fit but with the usual ageing problems. We have been going regularly to Tim for many years now and are so grateful to him, because for our age we are supple and strong/ My husband will be eighty six this year and Tim calls him the Iron Man. Whenever she can make it our daughter comes too, we are all fans of Tim Laskey.
Tim is a very special man, we as a family are so grateful that we met him all those years ago. Jan, Jim and Lucinda Attew, May 2011

Jan, Jim and Lucinda Attew

Dear Tim
Having completed several sessions I thought you might like to know how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. It is now six months since I had my heart transplant and I know that the team at Papworth Hospital are delighted with my progress and thoroughly approve of the exercise programme you have worked out for me. I realise what an asset it is to have you so close at hand as my muscular strength is improving markedly.
Not bad for a middle aged transplant patient!
Thanks again Tim, you deserve every success. Yours sincerely

Ted Norman, Haslemere, Surrey

In January 1980 I was lucky to escape a serious car accident with only bad bruising in the area of my right hip. This was suffered from being thrown from my car into a quiet road in Zimbabwe. I played cricket again within a few days but with some discomfort and in order to see that I was fully fit for the 1980 season I returned to England early and reported to Tim Laskey for a course of exercises to strengthen my legs, especially the damaged area. From there on things only got better. As a result of the training schedules under the watchful eye of Tim, I made a complete recovery and went onto take 121 wickets in the 1980 season which was to be a prelude to further honours with Surrey and England

Robin D. Jackman, Surrey County Cricket Club and England

Ten years ago, my eldest son underwent open heart surgery after a number of other medical problems. Afterwards he was advised to begin a fitness programme to build his strength, stamina and weight – he dropped below eight stone which for someone of 5’10” was dangerously light. The same old Tim techniques of amusing encouragement has turned my son into a 13 stone chap who is as strong as an ox – who now trains three or four times a week. His heart is healthy, his fitness is great and his outlook is brilliant. For this we owe much to Tim’s never failing enthusiasm and dedication. To sum up, Tim has had a positive life changing effect on me and my family. He is not only a top pro but a dear friend. Anyone who could become his client should jump at the chance. In my experience he is such a rare breed I would say he is a one off.

Keith Sheppard

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