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"6 weeks before a scheduled spine operation, I met Tim; who encouraged me to let him have 6 weeks to see if he could use an exercise protocol to prevent the surgery. Needless to say, 11 years on I still haven’t had the surgery. Tim is a unique individual (dare I say eccentric) who has changed my way of thinking not just on back health but also on life itself. For that I will always be grateful"

Dr. Ian Grobler, BChD(Stell) MSc(ULond) MOrth RCS(Ed)
Referred by a PILATES practitioner/trainer

The management of complicated, chronic back pain is very much a team effort involving clear analysis of the problem, competent treatment, clear advice to the patient, well supervised exercise and compliance and cooperation of the patient. These facts are well known today, but when I first came across Tim Laskey in the mid 1980’s, this was not the case.
As a Chiropractor treating severe and chronic back conditions, finding anyone to safely and sensibly manage a rehabilitation programme was at best a lottery and at worst a disaster, education at this time in this field being rudimentary. I came across Tim through reputation and sent him a few patients with clear instructions as to what to avoid, I soon came to rely on him heavily and over the next 20 years sent him some very delicate and6 difficult rehabilitation cases which he managed with great professionalism and skill. Tim also had the ability to generate great discipline and determination in the patients and many stayed with him long after their back problems were resolved. Leading by example, he inspires confidence.

Russell J Bennett DC FCC, Chiropractor, Illminster, Somerset

After suffering with back problems for a number of years, I visited the usual list of specialist’s, Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, Natural Healers the local hospital, Acupuncturist and of course my GP who recommended bucket loads of Voltarol. I was 35 years old, married with two little children, and on one of my trips of see yet another specialist at Atkinson Morley was told that I would either need fusion surgery, or try and get fitter but that he doubted whether I would ever be able to lift the children, play golf or squash again.
Things were pretty bleak, and I was sliding into depression, I just couldn’t see how I was going to get rid of the pain, and during all my visits to specialists and doctors not one of them had been positive.
A short while after my trip to Atkinson Morley Hospital, I was given yet another recommendation to see Russell Bennett at Guildford Chiropractic Centre. Russell’s treatment did help to relieve the pain but he also suggested that I would benefit from strengthening my back and he recommended Tim Laskey, a fitness consultant. My first meeting with Tim was in 1994 for an assessment, he was the first person that I had met who was positive that he could help me, and I left there feeling that perhaps there was an alternative to surgery. After a few weeks on Tim’s exercise programme I started to feel both better physically and mentally, with his constant encouragement, support and guidance.
It’s hard now to think back to those bleak days when every day was a struggle, and without Tim I know that I would have never recovered to be able to enjoy life as I do today. Tim is inspirational, motivational and probably one of the craziest blokes you will ever meet, but I’m so pleased that I did.

Graham Robertson

I was around 40 years old when I first met Tim. What a turn around ! My banking career was going very well. My wife had given birth to my three lovely daughters. BUT I was in a terribly bad shape physically and – to a certain extent- mentally. Particularly I had many back problems.
My Physiotherapist told me that the only solution to my physical problems was Tim Laskey. Tim turned out to be my saviour. Tim worked me out twice a week and within a few months my golf handicap dropped from 30+ to 21. I was able to reach skiing summits which I had previously only dreamt of.
My back pain had evaporated!
Why did this happen?
Tim had the knowledge,
Knew how to inspire you.
Through an outstanding intelligence and an outstanding sense of humour he made me persevere.
Now - 18 years on - I am still fit for fight and enjoying my skiing and my life.
For a large part due to Tim, to whom I will be forever grateful.

Claes Moth, Denmark

Our son Mark is 6’8” tall and carries a lot of weight. His back pain was such that he could not work and the back experts could do little for him. When he went to Tim all he could do was to pick up his leg to waist level and put it down. In two years Tim not just sorted the problem but made his back so strong that we was lifting 240lbs on Tim’s back extension machine – quite extraordinary. He has had no problems since.

Carl and Sue Tantum

I was 37 when I met Tim Laskey on 6th July 1983 at my wife’s suggestion. For the past 10 years I had struggled increasingly with debilitating low back pain accompanied by associated sciatica and compounded by neck problems.
Admittedly I was not fit, but my doctor had more or less written me off, telling me not to perform any exercise that involved bending and effectively prohibiting me from attempting to lift my two young children, cutting the grass or playing tennis! I could swim (gently), but that was about it.
I felt as if I was an old man, yet I was still only in my thirties! What on earth did life hold for me as I aged. It was a profoundly depressing situation.
Over time Tim helped me to change my life. Under his direction and motivational influence I went from being physically relatively weak and genuinely worried about premature old age to becoming, by ANY standards, genuinely strong and robust. So much so, that I was able to take up FULL CONTACT KARATE in my forties eventually being awarded my BLACK BELT when I was 50.
Tim Laskey is an incredibly disciplined, dedicated professional and when it comes to results, the spectacular is commonplace. He has helped so many people to transform their lives. His successes have been, and are, quite amazing.
I’m writing this on 6th July 2011, twenty-eight years to the day that we met. I am fit, strong, robust and for that much of the credit must go to Tim. Thanks for everything.

Fouad K. Jaffer

Dear Tim
Now that I have completed my course of treatment, I felt I should write to you to express my thanks for your efforts on my behalf over the last two years.
As you know, when I first came to you I could hardly walk following my degenerative disc problem, and it was due to your judiciously prescribed exercise regime and continued advice and support that I am now virtually 100% fit.
With thanks again for all you have done for me.
Yours sincerely
Malcolm G. Savage

M.G. Savage, F.R.I.C.S (Managing Director), St.Martins Property Corporation Ltd.

Being a Dental Surgeon has obviously predisposed me to having a back problem. Constant pain, over a period of five years was very debilitating, and the furthest I had been led towards a cure was vague advice to buy a harder bed.
The dynamism, creativeness and vision of Tim Laskey are evident. After only four-five visits to the gym my back pain lessened, and after a few more visits disappeared.

Miss S. E. Schneider, BDS, Berkshire

I was recommended to Tim Laskey by my Osteopath on account of escalating lower back pain and reducing mobility. That was seven years ago, just before my 61st Birthday. Tim devised a schedule of exercise which I thought initially to be beyond my capabilities. But, by gradual and barely noticeable increments, I achieved my goals and strengthened considerably the core muscles that support my troublesome vertebrae. My body shape, posture and general fitness have all changed beyond recognition and I genuinely believe that, had I not taken that action I would have lost much of the mobility that makes later life an active pleasure rather than a wretched misery.

David Castell

A riding accident, over thirty years ago, resulted in a degenerative spinal condition and impaired movement. Over a considerable period, I consulted leading back specialists who prescribed a range of treatments which, at best, brought only temporary relief. Finally, I went to a Chiropractor who, in addition to successfully treating the condition, suggested exercise and referred me to Tim Laskey. After working with Tim for two years, I am delighted to confirm a marked improvement in my range of movement, level of fitness and quality of life. For the first time in eight years, I felt fit enough to undertake a relatively strenuous walking holiday in Austria. It proved to be most enjoyable and a remarkable success. This I attribute entirely to the ability, dedication and motivational skills of Tim Laskey.

Dinah N. Simpson

I can thoroughly recommend sessions with Tim Laskey. They are marvellous, especially for people like me who have spent years recovering from an operation on a slipped disc. Over 6 months Tim greatly strengthened my back muscles, improved my flexibility and increased my overall level of fitness.

Charles Haddon-Cave

Dear Tim A HUGE thank you for your amazing support, especially this last week, but even from before the word go – when you first spoke! I just want you to know how greatly I have appreciated your very kind consideration, as well as all you’re doing for me on the muscle – front (&back!) You really must be a wizard!


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