Tim has been an inspiration to me over the years. The fittest man I have ever met, if not the sanest

Martin Bicknell, Surrey C.C.C and England

Having known and worked with Tim over the last 24 years, (my god is it really that long?) I feel I am in quite a good place to pass judgement on one of the most extraordinary men
you will ever likely meet. As a 17 year old I was pretty sure I was the bees knees. Having completed my first year in county cricket and a very successful one, a bit of winter training was lined up for me. What I didn’t bank on was meeting a guy who would change my life and my approach to professional sport. Right from the off I knew there was no ducking out of the challenge, and a challenge it was, every session was hard, intense and purposeful. Tim got under my skin, instilling in me the work ethic that changed me and made me a successful cricketer, working on my character, testing me in extreme situations, pushing my limits and at all times believing in me, believing I had what it took to perform at the highest level. Every session we did I was greeted at the door like a long lost brother, the most enthusiastic person I have ever met. When I was feeling lethargic Tim would inspire me onto greater things, if I was slacking he would know it and get the best out of me. There is no doubt in my mind that Tim helped form my character, the work ethic that I still have today came from those early training sessions and I will never forget the punishing sand hill sessions that Tim still thrives on today. And it’s not just me, ask any of the top class sportsmen Tim has trained over the years, we will all say exactly the same thing, he might be a little crazy but boy does he know his stuff.

Martin Bicknell, Surrey C.C.C and England

Tim Laskey "The Guru"
Tim Laskey has the ultimate attitude. I am a firm believer that with attitude you can achieve anything. Attitude is the journey, it is the length of the stride that we take to get to our goal! -Bad attitude equals short stride length. It goes without saying you will be propelled towards the finish line so much faster if you take long strides. Tim Laskey has the stride length of Usain Bolt!
Let me give you some real examples of how training with “The Guru” has helped me change my life. Important as my physical fitness was during my career, it was my attitude and mental application that enabled me to reach my goals. I was at best of average ability when it comes to the sport of cricket, I have no shame in admitting that! But I stand here today a retired man knowing I got every ounce of my ability out to enable me to captain my country. Why do I refer to Tim Laskey I hear you saying?
Rewind to 1990, I was a lean, enthusiastic, yet wild young 18 year old who thought he knew everything & was quite happy to tell anyone who would listen about it. “The Guru” was & still is confident, fair, honest, hard working, loyal & crazy all qualities that I admired, yet he wasn’t a bore! Most people with these qualities spend most of their time trying to tell you how good they are! Not “the Guru” he changes attitudes by example, by inviting you to see a lighter road to walk on. I am embarrassed to say that before I met Tim I often walked down a dark road, a road I wouldn’t want my children to walk down. He showed me there was a better way and that I could achieve whatever I so desired by putting myself in uncomfortable scenarios, like for example doing dozens of sprints up his famous sand dunes on xmas day (in the ice may I add). Other wonderful activities Tim invited me to perform on his own invention The Aximax (the only time I have physically been sick during a training session). This is all well and good and prepared me physically more than adequately for the game of cricket, However as I have said before it was the other mental strengths I gained by being in “The Guru’s” company that I took with me for life, yes folks fitness comes and goes, but mental toughness remains. The ethos of the training was to take yourself out of your comfort zone, to take you to another place mentally that your opponents weren’t prepared to go. This in turn gave us a psychological edge in every situation. When running the sand dunes on xmas day we were asked “what are our opponents doing today? The answer was probably scoffing on wine and tucking into some turkey. All very nice, but ‘there comes no success without struggle’. If you want to be 2nd then go and see someone else I suggest. If you are prepared to sacrifice to reach your goals then you need to see this man, he will take you to the top!4
Tim is a hard task master, yet has the unique knack of being able to make you do what it is that he asks you to do despite you thinking it is impossible. After spending time with him, your toughest challenges will become easier no matter what they are. If you want to play for your country, your club or to learn to walk again after an accident, the lesson is the same, and the teacher is the key.
Tim, thanks for the best start in life that a man could ask for, and thanks for the wonderful memories. On behalf of the Surrey team of the 90’s & 2000’s we thank you for imparting your ethos on us and enabling us to reach our goals.
Take Care & Look forward to running whose sand dunes again when I am next back in the UK, this time though can we not do it on xmas day.

Adam Hollioake, Captain Surrey C.C.C / Captain England ODI

Well, where can one start? The Master! First of all I have known Tim for over thirty years. He, without doubt, is a truly remarkable man.
Tim's skills, his exploits, his experiences are inspirational, awe inspiring and so unique they should be brought to a worldwide audience. I was present at a hill running training session (sand dunes) where Tim, in his forties, completely destroyed an athlete he trained, who had, that summer, won the Hampshire Senior Men’s 800 metres title. Unbelievable!
His relentless self-discipline and dedication, day in day out for years on end, is almost beyond belief. Tim has no peers in the collective fields in which he operates. Very occasionally a person comes along who rightfully merits all the accolades and recognition. Such a man is The Master – Tim Laskey.

Colin Hanson, Former Wasps Rugby Football Club Player

News Shopper. Wednesday 23 May 2001
England new boy Ian Ward has admitted he experienced a mixture of surprise and elation at his international call-up.
The 28 year Old left hander, was selected in the 13-man England squad for the first test with Pakistan, which started at Lord’s yesterday.
During the winter, Ward could be seen running up and down sand dunes at Hindhead.
He added: “Running up and down the slopes certainly got the lungs blowing”.
It was a good way to get fitter
“The whole idea started with Tim Laskey, a fitness consultant, and things have just gone on from there”

A Note of special thanks goes to Tim Laskey who has kept my body fit and my mind amused over the years when we have had time to train.

Current England Batting Coach, Graham Thorpe, Surrey C.C.C And England

Dear Tim
Our training sessions with you at the start of the 1982 season must have made all the difference when it came to the National Westminster Bank Trophy final. It cannot have been a coincidence that, after three attempts in succession, we won a limited – over final after your expert advice on fitness.
Training became enjoyable to us all, and to some for the first time. Your enthusiasm was infectious last year and I, personally, look forward to improving my fitness, together with the others.

Roger Knight, Captain Surrey CCC. Roger Knight School of Cricket

It was my good fortune to meet Tim soon after Surrey C.C.C. appointed me as their first cricket manager. Surrey had been experiencing a depressing run of results for a few years and it was my responsibility to restore their fortunes back to the glory of former years when I was a player and captain.
On my return to the Oval it was very apparent that not only was the spirit in the dressing room as low as it could possibly be, but also the average physical condition of the players was nowhere near the standard it should have been.
At my request Tim Laskey programmed the playing staff, both collectively and individually, and also designed and installed the first ever gymnasium at The Oval. In a very short time all the players responded positively and a huge improvement was clear to see, not only in the physical condition but also the mental approach of the team was unrecognisable from that when Tim first began working with them. During the initial four years when Tim and I worked together Surrey appeared in four consecutive Lord’s one day cricket finals, won the Nat West Trophy and were never out of the leading contender positions for the County Championship.
My life has revolved around the world of sport through my playing, coaching and managing in the highest standard of cricket and playing professional football. I can honestly say that I have never known anyone to be better than Tim Laskey in the field of sports science. His tremendous enthusiasm has an immediate positive effect on all who come in contract with him and his results speak wonders.

Micky Stewart, Former Surrey CCC. and England Manager

HORSE AND HOUND, August 27, 1992
Player Profile: MARTIN BROWN

Has just had the season of his life writes Sarah Dukes. The four goal player has been in polo for 16 years. This season he won the Gold Cup – for the second time. SD: Do you play polo in the winter? MB: I don’t play polo in the winter but keep fit by going to the gym twice a week. Tim Laskey, who trains the Surrey cricket team, trained me in the winter of 1985 and in 86 I won the Gold Cup with Tramontana. Last winter he trained me again. So even though I don’t spend the winter playing polo, I find it pays to keep fit.

Dear Tim
My thoughts went back to the happy times I spent training with you. I remember you saying that if I was ever to be a top class squash player, the first thing I had to do was – get fit!
I thought then, “what a damm cheek!” At the time I was ranked No.21 in the county of Hampshire and I ran a few miles now and again, so I thought I was fit enough. However I did need guidance at that stage of my career and over the next two years you certainly provided that. The results speak for themselves. After following your rigorous training schedules I became No.1 in my county and a year later I won the British under 23 title.
The training I did with you has given me a solid base and enabled me to achieve my current ranking (in the world’s top 16 and English No.8). It also helped me to reach my ambition of playing for my Country on a number of occasions. Your confidence gave me the determination to work hard and aim high, and because you believed in my potential, I began to believe in myself as a squash player. Thank you is inadequate for the help and expertise you provided.

Felicity (Flip) Hargreaves, English Squash International!

Dear Tim
Having played amateur golf at an International and County level for the past six years, I regret that I was not involved with your training methods prior to 1981 As a result of spending one evening a week during the winter I built up a level of physical fitness, directly related to the demands of my sport, which has enabled me to remain competitive while still fulfilling the daily demands of my profession. Thank you is inadequate for the help and expertise you provided.
Kindest Regards, Pat

Kindest Regards, Pat P.F. Garner, Chartered Accountant, Guildford

Hey Tim
Everything is going good, I am back on track and training regularly. I also added skipping to my training routines; it’s a great workout. The boxing is going really good and I plan to keep with it. In about a week I am heading to British Columbia and I am going to try out for the men’s university soccer team there. It should be a great experience. I am going for a run soon after I send this/ I am aiming for about 9 miles so it should take a while.

Kyel Governor, Footballer, Toronto, Canada

I am writing to thank you most sincerely for all the wonderful help and guidance you have offered so willingly and relentlessly over the past few years in connection with my health and fitness. It was a remarkable achievement on your part that in the first three months of my training with you, I, managed to put on just over a stone in weight and looked and felt fantastic. I was in fact fit for the first time in my life and managed to ride the enormously powerful horse, Monacle, into 2nd place at the Badminton Three Day Event (always regarded as the biggest and most difficult course in the world).
We then went on to finish 4 th in the European Championships and also won a silver medal in 1979 and a gold in 1981 as a member of the British team. Without your watchful eye and constant help, none of these victories and many others would have come my way. Your endless energy and deep interest in everyone who comes to you is unique, as indeed is the depth of your knowledge in the needs and mechanics of the human body.

Sue Benson,
Former British 3-Day Equestrian Team Member. Sue Benson has been appointed as the Cross Country Course Designer for the Equestrian 3 Day Event Competition at the London Olympic Games in 2012

Dear Tim
May I congratulate you on taking on an impossible mission and succeeding. Four weeks ago I came to you because I had failed the fitness tests to rejoin the Surrey Police. To an overweight 40 year old this was the impossible, and that’s where you came in. You devised a 4 week programme of 4 x 40 minute sessions a week to achieve the impossible. Having lost ½ a stone in weight and become fit I am overjoyed to report that on my re-test today I managed on passing the fitness tests to (re) join the Surrey Police Force. This transformation is due entirely to your programme, help and encouragement. Thank you for all your help in achieving my goal.

Yours most sincerely
Michael Pearse

Dear Tim, Just a short note before I leave to say a big thank you to you. Without you I would probably be starting a hotel management course tomorrow! I hope that you’ll see an even fitter (!) slimmer me upon my return

On passing the fitness tests to qualify for RMA Sandhurst, The British Army Academy

"TIM LASKEY" is a legend. The only man I have ever met who could do pull ups with EITHER ARM"

Peter Blewett

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