I have developed a hugely effective inspirational/motivational program on goal setting and achievement, harnessing the power of the mind - "DIRECTED THOUGHT....CHANNELLED IMAGINATION." This is indisputably the most IMPORTANT aspect of my work and permeates EVERYTHING I DO and BELIEVE in.

Effective communication underpins every area in which I operate - speaking, writing, teaching, training. So, given my lifelong love of animals, training horses and dogs is just a natural extension of the very wide ranging work I undertake with people.

The power of the mind is incredible. That fact is incontrovertible. Thoughts have their own energy. By systematically selecting and directing positive thoughts to our subconscious levels of awareness we can harness that energy to help us achieve remarkable successes.
I first became interested in PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) 45 years ago when I was a College Lecturer. I have avidly pursued my studies of (the power of) the mind through different wide ranging avenues ever since. These include many comparative religions - particularly Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism; the philosophy of Kaizen; Yoga; NLP; the Silva Method; Mind Sculpting; Behavioural Psychology and a host of, largely American, goal orientated motivators.
In the process I have developed my own eclectic approach to benefitting from the extraordinary power that is available to every one of us, if we understand how to tap into it. In "DIRECTED THOUGHT........CHANNELLED IMAGINATION" I guide people through an advanced, highly effective method of changing one's attitudes, oneself, and one's circumstances. Areas covered are...

  • Self Awarness
  • Self Evaluation
  • Positive Self-Image- Organising the Subconscious Mind for Success
  • Desire.
  • Goal Setting
  • Affirmation
  • Associated use of ALL of the Senses
  • Employing "White Hot Emotion"
  • Visualisation
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Mind Sculpting
  • Planning the Day - "The first hour is the rudder of the Day."
  • Breathing Exercises - control - Stress Releasing Practices.
  • Meditation
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Focusing
  • Mental Screening and Imaging.

The testimonials that follow demonstrate the amazing results people, with all sorts of different requirements, can get when they employ these practices to control and direct their thoughts, to instruct their "subconscious minds." I am particularly honoured that Andrew Hillier was kind enough to provide the first contribution. This young man was irreparably injured in a military accident in Belfast when he was, at 19 years of age, confined to a wheelchair for life. In a small way I was able to help Andrew move forward, but I say in all humility that working with Andrew gave me more than I could ever offer him. His courage has been, and will ever be, an inspiration to me. Deepest Respect.

“I was seriously injured whilst serving with the Royal Air Force Regiment in Northern Ireland in November 1988. As a result of my injuries I am confined to a wheelchair.
I remained in hospital in Northern Ireland until January 1989 and then spent nine months at the spinal unit at Odstock Hospital, Salisbury. I was discharged from hospital in September 1989.
I heard of Tim Laskey’s reputation for helping many sports people recover from injuries so I telephoned him and asked if he thought he would help me regain some of the upper body strength I had prior to being injured.
Tim was enthusiastic about helping me. I went along to see him in August 1989 and it soon became obvious that, not only could Tim help me, but that he was going to prove to be a very hard taskmaster! He was not going to take no for an answer if I decided that certain aspects of what he expected of me were too torturous - thus resulting, occasionally, in very colourful language from both of us!
At times these tense situations were difficult for both of us, but with Tim’s determination and encouragement I soon realised I could achieve much more than I thought possible”

Andrew Hillier, August 2011

“In November 1988 our elder son, Andrew was seriously injured whilst serving with the Royal Air Force Regiment in Northern Ireland.
His injuries left him paralysed and confined to a wheelchair - he was almost 20 years old at the time.
Andrew was hospitalised until September 1989 and hoped, because of Tim’s reputation for rehabilitation with those injured, plus his work with athletes from all sports, he would be able to help him improve physically. Andrew saw Tim on a weekly basis and gradually the confidence that Andrew had so obviously lost as a result of his injuries was beginning to return. Tim wasn’t particularly easy on Andrew, but it was Tim’s persistence with Andrew, working with him to achieve goal after goal that helped Andrew regain his confidence and, of course, he became stronger, both physically and mentally.
The tragedy of Andrew’s injuries will never fade. However, Tim, in making Andrew work so hard during their sessions together and achieving so much, made Andrew realise that Tim had a big impact on his life post injury”.

Peter & Christine Hillier, July 2011

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