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I have helped thousands of people, between the ages of 6 and 93, achieve everything from basic fitness to the very highest levels of sporting specific fitness. These include International Performers from well over 20 DIFFERENT sports.

Not many want to take exercise to the uncomfortable extremes engaged in by serious sportsmen and women or specialised service personnel. But lots of people want to be generally fitter and feel better equipped to more fully enjoy everyday life. That is easily achieved.
I have always tried to “put some fun into fitness” and was offering “personal training”, probably 20 years before the phrase was coined. I have one client who has been with me, on and off, for 34 years. She looks great—something’s obviously working!

I have known Tim Laskey for 15 years, and without a doubt he has a unique spread of skills. Erudite, charming and witty, with a hint if mischievousness in his twinkling eyes. He has a complete understanding of the biodynamics of the human body, and a rare ability to communicate with animals, both wild and domesticated. In short, a true Renaissance Man.
I have been using Tim’s services as a personal trainer ever since we met, and he has become a firm friend and trusted confidante. Our sessions are always fun and intellectually stimulating as well as physically demanding.

Michael Sandberg, 21 March 2011

We first met Tim over twenty years ago, when our daughter had been badly injured in a serious car accident. After five months in hospital, six weeks at Headley Court and then weeks with a local physiotherapist who recommended that we take our daughter to see Tim to rebuild her muscles and stretch all the injured areas. He was marvellous not only working on her body but so full of positive encouragement, all contained in a fun atmosphere.
Some years later after suffering from weakness in one of my legs I went to see Tim. After a number of sessions the problem improved and my husband was so impressed he decided to join me, he was already quite fit but with the usual ageing problems. We have been going regularly to Tim for many years now and are so grateful to him, because for our age we are supple and strong. My husband will be eighty-six this year and Tim calls him the Iron Man. Whenever she can make it our daughter comes too, we are all fans of Tim Laskey. With Tim the whole experience is great, he is multitalented, keeping you fit and making it fun. Tim Laskey is a very special man, we as a family are so grateful that we met him all those years ago.

Jan, Jim and Lucinda Attew, July 2011

I first went to Tim three years ago. I had just ended a three year period of ill health and radiotherapy treatment for cancer. Prior to that I had always played a lot of sport and had been fairly fit and healthy. My wife had been going to Tim for a couple of years and she felt it would help me regain my former level of fitness.
I went twice a week for an hour each session, Tim saw what I needed and planned a routine for me.
Tim’s great attribute is his dedication to his profession. I headed this testimonial “Tim Laskey, Personal Trainer” but he is a “trainer extraordinaire”. His thoroughness, enthusiasm, encouragement and humour are with you throughout the session. He is a brilliant motivator, always urging you to do that little bit more.
I am a few months short of my 80th birthday and I feel great.
I owe so much to Tim. Thank you is inadequate, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Tim

Philip Daubeney, May 2011

I first met Tim just over 5 years ago. I was going through a period of extreme personal stress and had remembered that at another such period in my life the thing that had helped me the most was exercise. A neighbour recommended Tim.
Since then I have seen Tim twice a week whenever I am not travelling. Tim is not just a Personal Trainer, he is a brilliant motivator and enthusiastic about everything. As well as getting a good exercise session I also usually have a good laugh with Tim and never come away from a session without a smile on my face, both from my achievements and Tim’s jokes. Tim is definitely a “one off” and somewhat eccentric at times.
The tremendous benefits I have gained from Tim have allowed me to continue the adventure travelling that Philip and I undertake frequently. The other main benefit is that at 67 I feel better and fitter than I have for over 30 years, with the added bonus of dropping a size in clothes!
Tim, I am so grateful for all your help and encouragement. Please don’t ever retire.

Rita Daubeney, 15 August 2011

Dear Tim
It’s hard to believe it’s already a year ago that I first started coming to the Health Habit. I was 5 months pregnant then and was feeling rather sluggish and lazy having given up my keep-fit classes immediately I discovered I was expecting, presuming anything other than very gentle exercise to be out of the question.
It was Martin, my stepson, who suggested I came along with him one day to have a chat with you. So, after checking with my doctor, who was absolutely in favour, that’s what I did, and from that day I never looked back.
You worked out an exercise schedule for me though using several pieces of equipment which concentrated on strengthening my back, arms and legs, and obviously avoided the ‘lump’. I came regularly twice a week, right up until 3 weeks before Melanie was born and I enjoyed a wonderfully happy, healthy pregnancy, with never a twinge of backache or hint of a swollen ankle. Far from easing off as the weeks wore on, I felt stronger and stronger and it was only at the end, when my lump prevented me from fitting into some of the equipment, that I dropped a couple of the exercises. In fact, friends and family couldn’t believe that I was still peddling away on an exercise bike at 37 week pregnant! I would recommend any healthy pregnant lady to ‘work out’ as I did, provided it is at a recognised, well run and carefully supervised club, and provided the doctor is kept fully informed and gives the ‘ok’ at each ante-natal check.
Post-natal exercise is just as important, if not more so, and I’m now back on Saturday mornings using all those other machines I couldn’t use before. I’ve a lot to thank you for Tim.

Lindsey Read, 4 October 1983

Tim has been my personal trainer since 1989 When I first arrived I was a youngish father of four children between the ages of one to six. I helped run a successful company which was very demanding in time and travel. As a consequence there was little time for me. The result was an enthusiastic but unfit individual in his mid thirties.
Of course this also coincides with a time of life when your body changes shape for the worse without effort to prevent it.
Week after week Tim improved my levels of fitness, reduced my weight and grew my already positive attitude to life. As a joker myself every session without exception was great fun and massively beneficial as Tim loves to laugh too. I am sure this is part of the Laskey ‘therapy’.
As a consequence of his encouragement I now not only visit Tim, but circuit train and run at least twice a week. I have never felt fitter or more motivated to conquer the challenges of life. I am fitter in my mid-fifties that I was in my mid-thirties!
To sum up, Tim has had a positive life changing effect on me and my family. He is not only a top pro but a dear friend. Anyone who could become his client should jump at the chance. In my experience he is such a rare breed I would say he is a one off.

Keith Sheppard, 5 April 2011

Dear Tim
The figures you have been so carefully recording during the past nine months will of course show just how much my strength and stamina have improved since I began resistance training. Nevertheless, I would like to confirm how much I have benefited from this regular training and just how much my general health and feeling of well-being have improved. The personal guidance I have received from you has also encouraged me to “take more care of myself” at other times.
I feel rather annoyed with myself for waiting until I retired from full-time executive responsibilities before coming to you.
It has been a real pleasure to work with you and that pleasure has been added to by the fact that my wife has been able to accompany me and undertake suitable resistance training herself.

Ken Webb, 10 September 1981

Dear Tim
After several frustrating years of trying to achieve a balanced exercise system between squash, jogging, cycling and swimming, I believe that for the busy executive, where time is at a premium your fitness techniques and methods are ideal.
Your own personal standards set a target which many would envy and this inspires the new recruit to achieve things he may not have thought were possible.

M. Lindsay, FCA FBIM, Financial Director, October 1982

Dear Tim
I would like you to know since I have been spending two evening a week, work load permitting, training under your excellent supervision, I have improved my mental alertness and physical fitness, which I have found to be a tremendous asset in the running of a Company.

Graham F. Hurlstone, 15 December 1982

Dear Tim
This is just a short note to say thank you for all the help and expert guidance extended to me during the last couple of years.
As you know I am the Marketing Manager of a company currently accounting for a major share of the keep-fit and gymnasium equipment market, I get many opportunities to visit gymnasiums and health clubs throughout the U.K. and indeed some throughout Europe. I can honestly say that I have yet to see, or even hear of any operation which can boast of anywhere near the array of equipment currently featured at ‘The Health Habit’.
Our relationship started on a business basis, but as you know, I was so impressed by “The Health Habit” and it’s most unique friendly atmosphere that I got involved on a personal basis and I have never looked back. I always look forward to my training sessions and meeting the many friends I have made since joining.

Keith Fowler, M.InstM., Haslemere, 19 October 1982

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